revision: BRADY MANIA

Author Sean Glennon has made the concise, swift, and bold argument that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the greatest quarterback in football history.

Tom Brady is a legend and easily one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game; that argument can be stated easily. However to argue that Brady is the greatest quarterback in history, surpassing Joe Montana and Bart Starr, is a difficult argument to make. Glennon explained that he uses chapters in his book to build up the great quarterbacks throughout history. Rather than undermining or minimizing the accomplishments of past quarterbacks, he used those statistics, stories, and information from those past quarterbacks to better support his argument.

“I didn’t tear down other quarterbacks to glorify Brady,” Glennon said.

Glennon is adamant that he is not a Patriots fan. He came and spoke to Steve Fox’s sports journalism class and elaborated on his book and past experiences. He has been writing about Patriots’ fans since the 2002 season when he wrote a column for the Boston Phoenix, as well as a book on the history of New England’s prized football team. In his most recent book, “Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The Case for Football’s Greatest Quarterback”, Glennon makes the argument and revels in Brady’s dominance and labels him the greatest quarterback in history.

In his college years, Brady was the back-up quarterback while playing at the University of Michigan. He is now one of the smartest quarterbacks with the most athletic ability. However, it is difficult to measure the success of the quarterbacks, or any athlete, across a different time period.

Brady is still playing, in his current 13th season, while Montana’s last season was 1994. More than ten years ago, ‘hall of famer’ Montana completed his sixteen seasons as a superstar quarterback, finishing his career with 40,551 yards and 273 touchdowns.

In order to combat both sides of the argument, Glennon worked to find people to tell him why he is wrong. He needed to find people that disagreed on the central point so he could cover all his bases. In addition, he is well aware this is a difficult argument to be made. He wants readers to see his argument is valid and that is the least he can ask for.

“There is no air tight case to be made,” Glennon said.

Glennon wrote this book knowing he would not have cooperation with Brady or the Patriots for quotes or support. This book, number one, indeed puts a target on Brady’s back since his success is being argued to be the best in history and up to this point. Number two, a quote from Brady or the Patriots about this argument would make them appear to be pompous and extremely arrogant. A big part of this argument, may or may not be true, would come from Brady’s humility, work ethic, and talent as a player, instead of how highly he thinks of himself.

Athletes work hard, train hard, and deserve all the credit; after all, it is the athlete performing and being successful. We must give credit where credit is due and not only does the athlete deserve to be highlighted and celebrated, but so does the coaching staff. Bill Belichick, head coach of the Patriots, is the only head coach in NFL history to win three Super Bowl championships in a four-year span. Belichick plays to Brady’s talents and has helped shape him as a dominating quarterback. He has had an extreme influence on his success on the field.

In his book Glennon focused on Brady a a player and his career on the field, not mentioning his hair, as instructed by his boss, or personal life and celebrity wife. This book is about football, Brady’s football career, and his performance on the field. Talking about anything but that would be unprofessional and irrelevant.

In listening to Glennon talk about his book, it is easy to see he is extremely passionate about his work and writing. As for my thoughts on Brady as the all-time greatest quarterback, I’d like to read his book and maybe do a little research on my own. For now, Brady is great and I think he is a phenomenal athlete, but I want to know more about his career in depth as well as other quarterbacks in history before I make the assertion that he is or isn’t the greatest to throw the ball. Brady is one of the toughest quarterbacks to toss the ball and his great receiving core definitely helps.

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